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Holos provides its clients with a set of integrated solutions designed to meet your diverse needs in terms of Systems and Information Technology. These solutions are typically the combination of products and services developed or marketed by the company. Please note that these products and services, although typically for joint implementation may be purchased separately, depending on the actual needs of the client.

It stands out in all cases that all market standards are respected and the final solutions are strongly influenced by the investment the company foresees on Research and Technological Development, resulting in quite innovative solutions.

H2RM – Risk Managemet

H2RM is a multilingual integrated software solution for Advanced Enterprise Risk Management developed in cloud computing, ensuring 24x7x360 availability (with access anywhere and anytime via the Internet), so there is no need to install programs or invest in infrastructure for data storage.

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FIP Gamma

R&D, prototyping, miniaturization and industrialization solutions on WorldFIP protocol.

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Google Products

Google Enterprise Solutions leverage the technological knowledge that Google acquired in the production and availability of free solutions (available to the public via the Web), adapting them to the business environment. This is reflected in increased security, guaranteed availability and support.

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Google Chromebooks and Licences

The new Chrome (Chromebook and Chromebox) are fast to use, they boot in seconds. They have integrated security, and are protected against viruses and malware. Backup all your information in the cloud. Come with thousands of applications. With automatic updates, they don’t slow down over time and keep getting better.

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HolDOC – Document Management – ECM & ERP

Within large organizations the volume of produced and received documents is very high. In order to organize information an electronic archive, HolDOC, emerges.

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RunMyProcess – BPM

RunMyProcess is a tool that allows you to streamline the management of business processes of your company. Based on a cloud computing platform allows integration with other tools for business collaboration, especially with Google Apps solutions.

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We integrate your website or online store with the most used payment system in the world. PayPal offers multiple payment solutions that are tailored to the needs of your website or online store.

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