Founded in 1996, Holos was born in an academic environment, but soon became a leading technology provider in Europe. After two decades of working internationally and incorporating the know-how from different regions in the world, we consider knowledge the most important asset of the organizations. We use state-of-the-art technology to convert internal information to knowledge and our international networks and experiences to convert third party information into opportunities for our clients. Holos has its headquarters in “Madan Parque – Science and Technology Park of Almada” and a representation in Angola.

Holos has received several awards and certifications, among others, two Seals of Excellence as European Commission’s recognition of exceptional technological quality

It’s our mission to amplify our customers’ potential by connecting opportunities, either providing innovative technology solutions or by bridging competences and activity regions and help companies overcome geographical and technological barriers and convert their intangible knowledge into tangible assets. Holos is a technology based company seeking innovative solutions to support organizations’ development processes. We offer hybrid solutions that come from an holistic approach to business, including providing ICT based products and services while focusing on knowledge as the key asset of the companies.

HOLOS culture is based on the valorization of its employees through a continuous reinforcement of their knowledge in a work context. Thus, it is promoted the formative dimension of empowerment. HOLOS favors the constant dedication to the company’s customers to increase its proximity to the market.
The application of this intervention philosophy is based on the following vectors:

Reconciling HOLOS capabilities in service delivery and final products with the scientific potential of its RDT teams. In that sense, HOLOS bets on participation in various national and international projects in this area. This participation has contributed to the maturation and sedimentation of its scientific and technological potential. Among some of the technologies used in RTD, and applied in products, we list the following: Data Mining, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Decision Making, Knowledge based systems, multiagent systems and Distributed systems.

As already mentioned, the quality and image of HOLOS services reside in the empowerment given to its employees. For this to happen, we rely on several professional development programs. Thus the company managers have ongoing training so they can integrate the most demanding projects, whether at technical or human level. This training is also operationalized in the company’s commitment to integrate trainees and to support doctoral degrees. In the case of trainees, they are increasingly aware of HOLOS corporate culture and its particular method of intervention. This integration in the company’s activities enables early contacts with the job reality, so that many skills are acquired to generate professional autonomy.

Support for doctoral allows Holos to be in constant contact with different intervention areas, bso that the company will not be exclusively tied to technology. By enhancing the integration of different knowledges, Holos is involved in areas as diverse as science and technology, arts and education, contributing to a multidimensionality of knowledges in the company.

To allow customers to make efficient use of all their available information, HOLOS studies the specificity of each business and market. Subsequently, the company creates the solutions appropriate to each client’s profile. With a successful implementation of this strategy HOLOS has been obtaining results that allow us to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage.

HOLOS’ solutions go through a rigourous process of quality validation, which, allied to the skills and the professionalism of the whole staff lead to a high level of our customers’ satisfaction. All products and services provided by the company are a quality benchmark in the ICT market. This arises from the maxim that the company follows: total quality. In this sense, it constantly seeks to ensure the quality of services and products it offers. HOLOS aspires to do more and better, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our challenge is to be different from the usual corporate image standard. The company tries to adequately meet their customers through a global development strategy in different areas. To this end, the Education and Communication team follows a line of daily action activities that include:

  • Management and coordination of the company’s internal and external communication;
  • Production of multimedia contents;
  • Development of trainning actions such as workshops and seminars;
  • Elaboration of a cultural program.