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The RIFT solution – Insurance Tool, enhances business growth by promoting digitization, improving its agility in providing products and prices, supporting transparently multichannel engagement and providing support centered on the customer to the entire insurance value chain. The RIFT solution can be quickly and successfully implemented, with low risk due to its modularity.

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Digitise for efficiency gains

Implement the best practices, with a high degree of automation which ensures a solid foundation for the growth of your business and ability to offer innovative solutions.

Agility in the definition of products and pricing

Implement a more sophisticated and agile product strategy. Offer new products customized to the most demanding customers, analyze product profitability and introduce adjustments swiftly.

Control the distribution channels

A strong and flexible platform to master the continuous multichannel engagement with customers. Create a unique customer experience and add value to sales agents.

Focus on the customer

With a 360 degree customer-oriented view, they will always be your focus. Provide better service, exceeding customer needs and expectations.

Complete Solution

RIFT is a complete insurance solution – integrating, rationalizing and standardizing all processes in the insurance value chain, covering its entire life cycle.

Safe Implementation

RIFT protects your investment by providing a stable roadmap, ensuring high quality and reducing risks during and post-implementation.

RIFT Solutions

The RIFT is a comprehensive solution that allows you to support your current business strategy and adapt this strategy to the evolution of your business.

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RIFT services

We are committed to support the entire lifecycle of the RIFT solution – from the parameter setting of the solution according to their needs, through training and support.

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