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Swiss Mechatronics Visit-Spezial

Swiss Mechatronics Visit-Spezial

Doing business in Iran

29. November 2016

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Iran is one of the largest economies in the Middle East. According to the World Bank, Iran is the second-highest value market in the region with a population of 80 million and is larger than any other country except Egypt. 71 percent of Iranians live in urban areas, and Tehran and its satellite towns are home to almost 18 million inhabitants.

One of the most interesting factor about Iran is that over 60% of the population are under 30 with one of highest rates of education. The vast majority of the young people in Iran are tech-savvy, always welcoming new technologies and innovations and always interested in new brands and products.

The latest MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Economic Monitor Report – Spring 2016, expects Iran’s growth to rise to 4.2 % and 4.6 % in 2016 and 2017, as a result of the lifting of the sanctions and a more business-oriented environment. Due to the low quality of local brands and unreasonable prices, Iranians are excited at the prospect of more choice and competition.

To accelerate its economic growth, the Iranian government is interested in cooperating with foreign companies. Considering this, there is no doubt that Iran is the most exciting market with huge potential in MENA. The speakers at our event will explain how to do business with Iran and will provide hands-on ex-
perience and support for high-tech companies.


Get in contact with representatives from Iran and find out how to do business in this reopened market. Prof. Dr. Jassbi and Prof. Dr. Barata are happy to answer your questions and discuss opportunities for cooperation with research institutes and companies in Iran.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Winterthur.


Kathrin Hopkins, Cluster Manager Swiss Mechatronics
Prof. Dr. Wernher van de Venn, President Swiss Mechatronics

“Iran, the most dangerous country? – Business Opportunities for High-Tech Companies in Iran”
Prof. Dr. José Barata, Uninova Research Center

“Last Call for Iran – Coming Events in Tehran”
Prof. Dr. Javad Jassbi, Uninova Research Center

14:00 “The European Project Leader Network (EPL)”
Prof. Dr. Javad Jassbi, Uninova Research Center


Closing Remarks and Apéro

End of Event