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Thanks to our involvement in several projects in Middle East, Gulf of Guinea and Europe, we would like to share our knowledge and experience in these regions and build a multinational triangle bridge between Africa, Asia and Europe.

We can help you to promote your advantages, resources, competencies and skills within these regions and fulfil your gaps with others’.

This is for us real meaning of collaboration. Connecting the nodes in an international perspective to bring sustainability, matchmaking for synergic cooperation and open new resources and markets to achieve an higher level of performance for your business.

This is what we call “Middle East and Africa Strategic Consulting“.

The (re) entering in a new market, especially Africa or the Middle East, is not guaranteed not even for large size company nor by its vast experience.

In addition to the compelling specific features which ensure or not, the success of claiming a new market, it also depends on the creation of a quality process for data collection, combined with the construction of a network of companies and partner entities (either in your sector of action, either in complementary sectors).

What can we do:

  • Help SMEs in the process of internationalization, providing you with relevant information on the target region;
  • Finding the right local partners for you;
  • Support your international movement with business risk analysis;
  • Business Development;
  • Help for legal advice and to understand local rules and procedures;
  • Finding the appropriate Financing sources for your Projects.

Taking its place in a new region is an arduous and long process and the nature of this involves multiple risks.

The main risk is the difficulty of identifying the actors, partners, and opportunities that allow you to increase the success rate in getting new projects and simultaneously decrease the likelihood of default, which can turn into significant losses, if there is any failure to recover the amounts invested.

Now, because the entry and making a statement of a new company in the market is particularly difficult bearing in mind the informality of relationships, the intensity of recent past marked by instabilities left deep scars in society, should business groups devote particular attention to competitive intelligence, the “competitive intelligence”, which is understood epistemologically as the area of ​​knowledge supported in typical methods of producing information based on analysis models and designed to reduce the asymmetry of information available to social actors, in their different categories and areas of activity.

This will allow a set of commitments, in particular with regard to behaviors that mitigate the potential risks, which are normally associated with the fragility of the process of affirmation of a new market. In this context, it fits into the competitive intelligence measures. The guidelines in this regard respond to two main concerns.

The first related to knowledge of the geopolitical and political context, particularly at an “asymmetry of information”, as its direct competitors already on the market. The second, related to the proper selection of the promotion activities and brand profile, allowing a long-term structural and statement.

Guinea Gulf region

The geopolitical area of the Guinea Gulf region.

Middle East region

The geopolitical area of the Middle East region.