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Car and Metal Manufacturing

The interest of HOLOS in manufacturing has been growing for the last two years. Basically HOLOS is interested in developing applications using the basic core concepts that have been researched and applied by the company, namely data mining, intelligent control, artificial intelligent techniques and simulation.

In Car and Metal manufacturing HOLOS technology has been applied to improve the production efficiency, based on intelligent data processing.

In this sector, HOLOS flagship in international deployments are in:

  • ArcelorMittal where an Evaluation of a Robust Adaptive Controller for the Mould level control system in continuous steel casting was made.
  • AutoEuropa: a company from the Volkswagen Group where a system to optimize the mix of car models being produced in the car assembly plant is developed in partnership with T-Systems. The software being developed includes two basic functionalities: control of the model mix and simulation. The model mix control is responsible for automatically choosing the best ratio for the three different models coming from the body shop into the trimming or final assembly line. Simulation represents a “what-if” scenario that enables plant managers to test different configurations and situations of the plant shopfloor.