Appreciate your customers with a comprehensive insurance solution

One of the strengths that the insurance industry is currently facing is the increasing power of the consumer. Identify your key customers, their needs and way of thinking. Tailor your offering to ensure their retention based on quality information. RIFT solutions go beyond the limitations of legacy aging systems and specific systems focused on the needs of individual departments and processes.

The customer is not only a part of the system. The entire solution is centered on the customer


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RIFT is the perfect solution for insurance companies which have an integrated, customer centric vision.

It supports and manages key insurance processes across the value chain. From planning of marketing activities, simulations of life cycle insurance policies, commissions, handling of claim processes – including the integration with external service providers – provisions, reinsurance and management information.


RIFT ensures a customer-centric approach, easy to use, designed to enhance the growth of your business.

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RIFT services

We are committed to support the entire lifecycle of the RIFT solution – from the parameter setting of the solution according to their needs, through training and support.

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