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ServRobot – ServRobot – reconfigurable and all terrain Service Robot with autonomous behaviors is a robot adaptable to different types of usage and environmental conditions, able to collect sensory information locally or remotely and autonomously act on the basis of that information.

It aims to the design of solutions for remote surveillance endowed with autonomy which create gains minimizing the need for human intervention, such as:

  • Surveillance of public spaces;
  • The monitoring of oil pipelines and oil fields where in addition to potential intrusion it is necessary to analyze fire, spills, gas leakages, etc.

The robot can also be used in military scenarios, namely to move loads since, being reconfigurable, its behaviour can be tailored, both whether at the sensory level, as in terms of locomotion.

Depending on the services chosen, there will be different sensors that enable the collection of adequate information to specific objectives, namely:

  • Temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • Cameras;
  • Lasers;
  • Ultrasonic;
  • Chemicals for the detection of gases;
  • Smoke sensors.

This diverse set of sensors enables the robot to perform services in several areas and in various conditions.

More info: servrobot.holos.pt