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Co-financed by QREN (NSRF – National Strategic Reference Financing) and inserted into System of Incentives for Research and Technological Development, the project aims to consolidate the industrial research and experimental development activities undertaken by the company in the areas of Intelligent Monitoring of Complex Systems, Self-organizing systems based on Software agents and Telesurveillance (fixed and mobile) Systems. The goal is to adjust them to the availability of resources (eg bandwidth), interoperability between different technological platforms (fixed and mobile), use of multimedia resources and location, powered by Next Generation Networks (NGN).

DVA_monitorização e controle

The Intelligent Monitoring System uses a set of autonomous components (sensors, cameras, PDAs / Cell Phones) that cooperate among themselves and with human resources in an integrated surveillance model capable of displaying Collective Intelligence while executing surveillance and security activities.

This way, it may be avoided or lessened serious consequences on persons or property resulting from intentional acts of vandalism, theft, or disruptive events such as fires, gas leaks, earthquakes or floods.

Through automatic detection of unwanted events, you can trigger alerts to other agents in the system, taking into account its geographical location and its characteristics, promoting a collective response in real time. As an example of possible real situations we point out the possibility of alerting security resources in response to acts of vandalism or alert firefighters to fight fires or floods, taking into account the proximity of these means the place of occurrence.

The Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa is a partner of this project.

More info: dva.holos.pt