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Industrial main areas

Aerospace, Banking & Insurance, Governmental Agencies and Manufacturing of Metal and Cars, are our core businesses.

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Scientific main areas

Energy Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Decision Support Systems based on Fuzzy logic, Software Agents Technology and Service robots, are our core businesses.

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RTD projects

Meet our national and international projects and contracts

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Holos tries to innovate the market of Information Technologies in its everyday operation and in itsrelationship with customers,d eveloping creative and effective solutions, as to ensure the information systems the company develops benefit from the best technology without the risk of anticipation. Apart from it, Holos is involved in several RTD projects, both national and international (within the EU and the European Space Agency), which fosters an attitude of active RTD, thereby enabling the evaluation and development of new methods and technologies. In this sense the company promotes the achievement of RTD (Research and Technological Development) either to improve the state of the art of productive sectors nationals in general or to develop custom solutions to meet specific needs of customers to which products found on the market are not fitted.

The solid experience in the development complete cycle, from requirements to support, constant innovation enables the production of appropriate solutions. Using client server or web technology, the systems support the daily needs of customers, thereby increasing the flexibility and competitiveness. Featuring an integrated offering that includes the planning of a technical infrastructure, hardware, software development, maintenance and support solutions Holos have played a key role in the process of optimization, efficiency, and establishing new communications channels of e-trade for its customers.

In this area the company had the support of the Operational Programme Science and Innovation 2010, the program reimbursed by EU funds (ERDF and ESF) and national funds, in particular to support insertion of Masters and Doctors in Enterprises and Institutions in R & D.

Moreover, projects like “DVA” and “ServRobot”, co-financed under the programs of the QREN, should be highlighted.

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