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Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM) increasingly assumes, a cornerstone role in organizations management, specially in environments characterized by growing interdependence of risks and vulnerabilities on a global scale.

The development and implementation of a structured process for risk management, that can meet the needs for a correct risk identification, assessment and mitigation, allows the correct understanding of the impact of risks in the organization and the answer given to it can make the difference between business continuity or its extinction.

In order to assist organizations in implementing Risk Management Programs:

  • Establishment of corporate Risk Management policies with the use of risk standards (NFPA Standards, ISO, BS, Local Legislation);
  • Risk Assessment (HAZOP and What-if methodologies, APP, workshops);
  • Identification of measures to mitigate risks;
  • Risk transfer.

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Integrated solution for risk management which includes risk inspection, analysis and implementation of risk management programs (risk financing).