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Bring up your company and promote products and services

An institution’s visibility is made through several communication channels. In the age of technology, the internet is a means of easy access hence the most popular. In the internet you can publish the most relevant information regarding your brand, your company’s goals, products and services.

In addition to enhancing your company presence in the market it is also possible to commercialize products and services directly to the customers in terms of B2B or B2C e-commerce, providing an online payment gateway via ATM and Credit Card.

This logic of complementarity is an alternative to the traditional circuits, facilitating the working process through a more cost effective management, while promoting greater productivity.

Holos Portals allow you to dynamically manage contents on pages, access control through the integration of Google technology, associate a Google Search engine (GSA) and use Google AdSense and AdManager to take advantage of advertising spaces. In these advertising spaces you may include advertising or promotional tools or rely on affiliate programs. The registration system allows users to carry out specific business statistics as well as the creation of a database. In this database there will be contacts, including electronics, making it possible to create mailing lists, among other features that will allow full customization by the customer.

This e-marketing tool aims the creation of a lasting bond with customers, by multiplying the number of direct encounters with the company’s target audience. Is also stimulates the online interactivity, dialogue establishment, the common interests, values and suggestions discussion.
By combining these two dimensions, the information availability and the possibility of e-marketing, organizations can capitalize on its resources and improve the transaction of its products and services.


  • Management of all general contents, catalogues and store presentation;
  • Management of promotion spaces provided in the portal;
  • Management of products;
  • Management of users;
  • Management of statistical data about the portal utilization;
  • BackOffice to merchandising management;
  • Management of orders and payment status through an on-line shop system with carts, on-line payment gateway via ATM and Credit Card.

Google Technology:

  • Google Analytics – Toll complemented with a system of access analyzes;
  • Google Search Engine (hardware + software) – Indexation of their content, being also possible to obtain detailed reports of search terms;
  • Google AdSense – Exhibition of text, images and video advertisement;
  • Google AdManager (alternative to OpenX) – such as ad-server.


HOLOS develops solutions in order that customers can profit and obtain better results. HOLOS PORTALS will enable an optimization of several areas concerning communication, and also profits maximization:

  • Provides the necessary hardware and software to the whole platform, such as the portal housing;
  • Simplicity and quickness of utilization and search efficiency, that beyond every portal’ pages indexation it can be configured to index documents available to download in several formats;
  • Maximizes the brand and published contents visibility, that can be constantly updated, with lower costs than traditional advertising;
  • Possibility of sustainable growth in profit, consequent from brand equity (everything that the brand has tangible or intangible) visibility and exposure, which if done on a transparent and robust way, based in a well structured positioning, ensures durability, resistance and differentiation from competition;
  • Helps the B2B alliances, partnerships, sponsoring creation, due to the great visibility;
  • Helps the understanding process of company’ culture in order to create a mirror image of corporate identity;
  • Strengthens the company/brand remembrance and recognition, as a result of logical and balanced construction of knowledge and image;
  • Monitors the system, makes analyzes and useful statistics to marketing strategic structuring and maximizing the products value;
  • Enables the relationship deepening between company and customer, and develops customer loyalty;
  • Enables the isolation of specific targets, and so providing customized services, as a consequence of relational database construction provided by the system monitoring;
  • Enables direct marketing on a large scale, creating personalized relationships, intimate and interactive, or assimilate the relationship marketing management to the Internet (e-CRM);
  • Increases the volume per capita and support rate, due to ensuring access 24 hours a day in any location;
  • Increases the shop volume, due to the shopping total available, but also the creation of animations in the sale space, that generate the good willingness;
  • Management of several stages of products shop, managing orders, payments and environmental certificates;
  • Accelerates the business and profit volume and bigger competitiveness through the so-called fast economy, which characteristics are innovation attempted and market development.