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RunMyProcess is a tool that allows you to streamline the management of business processes of your company. Based on a cloud computing platform allows integration with other tools for business collaboration, especially with Google Apps solutions.

We highlight the following features:


Flows customization. Draw and create, in an easy and intuitive way, your organization’s processes and implement complete or partial workflows.

View real time. Follow any time the status of each process and intervene if deemed necessary.

Custom reports. Receive/consult the various reports available and customize them quickly, so that you may just get the information you consider relevant.

Negligible maintenance costs. Once the marketing model is based on an annual cost per user, the maintenance costs of this solution are extremely small when compared with traditional “inhouse” solutions that must consider hardware costs, software licenses, support services, etc..

Quick and easy Implementation. Because it is based on cloud computing, RunMyProcess becomes simple to implement since it does not require preparation time or platform instalation. Moreover, the user interfaces are simple and intuitive.

Notifications. Create different types of notifications for the players in each process – SMS, e-mails.

Connectivity with other systems. The connectors available natively in RunMyProcess allow connection with various platforms namely at the communication, data storage, processing or other levels. In addition RunMyProcess partners can develop specific links to more specific systems of each organization.

Google Apps connectivity. If you are a Google Apps customer from this platform you may access reports, results, or check the states of the processes designed by yourself and managed by RunMyProcess. Authentication can also be accomplished via Google Apps single-sign-on.

Easier BPM implementation. The implementation of BPM projects in an organization becomes more simple and effective, since this platform enables rapid deployment and provides the management processes in an online environment accessible 365 days/24 hours. Through a simple web browser that makes it possible to identify in what stage each process is, who is responsible for each stage and how to step in to streamline each process, keeping them well adjusted to your organization’s reality.

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