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It was 14 years ago! Congratulations to the Gulf of Guinea Commission (CGG)

It was 14 years ago! Congratulations to the Gulf of Guinea Commission (CGG)

The Gulf of Guinea Commission (CGG) was created on July 3rd of 2001, it is now 14 years since five states signed the Treaty of its foundation in order to encourage cooperation and promote economic development and social progress of the people of the region.

The Commission is currently comprised by eight states:

  • Republic of Angola,
  • Republic of Cameroon,
  • Republic of Congo,
  • Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Republic of Gabon,
  • Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Federal Republic of Nigeria,
  • Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe

We hope that the Commission will prosper and continue its stated process, especially in this time of difficult international economic climate resulting from the global economic and financial crisis, terrorism, maritime piracy, cross-border crimes, only to mention a few of many problems affecting the world and the region.

Our best wishes to the new Executive Team of the Commission Secretariat and our hope that their efforts will result in the effective establishment and maintenance of peace and security conditions in the Gulf of Guinea region.

Holos reaffirms its availability to continue to support CGG to do their utmost contribute for the achievement of their objectives.

Once again, congratulations to CGG and our hopes that the dream of its founders can be materialized for the benefit of all, thus transforming the region into a Peace and Security Zone!

+ info: www.cggrps.org