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In the context of information asymmetry, in addition there are two other dimensions: on one hand, the (re) action of competitors in the market supported by long-term relationships and on the other hand, the issue of “representativeness” in the sense that many actors arise that seek to promote themselves as essential to the Group taking its place in the region.

The protective lines must be designed to operate in the creation of parties that support action in successive and complementary levels.

The top level, often consisting of a small well identified group and shown by a representative operates as a macro influence line; successive levels are responsible for support and the success of the activities implementation. It is therefore necessary to identify and ensure that the only strategic partners ensure the degree of influence promised to consolidate the market position.

However, it is also crucial the successive levels of support to the Group activities, operational level, that enable its proper application, both at the level of intermediate influence, as well as in complementary sectors to the main activity.

The consolidation of a market position is therefore closely linked to the construction of this support structure, while fully respecting the national and international regulatory frameworks.

At the same time this structure must be designed with sufficient amplitude beyond the mere operation of market activity. It is also a framework that allows expansion to new markets across the region. It is, therefore, an integrated framework, which must be monitored and reflect the dynamic characteristics of the market, the region and the business group.