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As part of its business, Holos implements the most effective and innovative solutions in the areas of Information Technologies and Communication.  HOLOS aimes to meet the needs of its customers. To this end, it established several partnership agreements that allow the company to complement its offer. It is worth highlighting the following entities:


Since June 2006 HOLOS joined the “Google Enterprise Professional’s program”, allowing it to provide Google Technology Solutions.


The services developed by HOLOS with Oracle technology include: development and implementation of structural solutions; storage and information display,using Oracle database management systems. The main goal is to create an integration between the excellence HOLOS services with one of the most effective solutions on the market, provided by Oracle. This strategic partnership was initiated in 1998.


SAS Institute Portugal
The partnership we have with SAS Institute Portugal since 1996 aims to intervene in projects to build data warehouses and data mining systems. Together, we enable our clients an immediate response to changing business conditions through a faster and more accurate access to information.


Artec Technologies
In May 2009 Holos has positioned itself as an added value partner of Artec Tehnologies. From this partnership arose an integration of the solutions that provide its customers with video surveillance systems (digital and hybrid), Web TV, IPTV and media streaming solutions and monitoring. Artec Technologies was recently identified as one of the most innovative manufacturers of digital and hybrid software and hardware.


Brandia Central
In 2001 HOLOS started a partnership with Brandia Central, a company specializing in the areas of design, communication and marketing. The benefits were evident for both, since they joined the creative capabilities of design and communication to the implementation capacity. Thus, major projects were carried out on the internet.


We integrate your website or online store with the most used payment system in the world. PayPal offers multiple payment solutions that are tailored to the needs of your website or online store.


KPN Qwest Portugal / Novis
The partnership constituted by HOLOS with KPNQwest/Novis aims to complement its offer in the area of communication networks, especially in fiber optic networks, and other services based on IP technology (Internet Protocol). This strategic partnership was initiated in 1999. In 2004 KPN Qwest Portugal was integrated into Novis.


The partnership formed by Holos and VIA NET.WORKS in 1999 aims to offer HOLOS customers the most innovative technologies in the field of Internet, creating value-added services.