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Aware of the importance of professional and socio-cultural associations, Holos became a member of some associations. The advantage that the group brings in terms of more and better social effect, reflectes in individual benefits for members or partners. Organizations that HOLOS has joined are as follows:


The Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society (APDSI) aims to discuss the central issues that emerge in an Information Society. This non-profit organization acts also as a force of pressure on public authorities, institutions and private sector to maximize the benefits of the information society and knowledge. Visit APDSI on:www.apdsi.pt/


The Portuguese Association for Communications Development (APDC) is a non-profit public benefit institution. APDC aims to promote awareness of the Communication area, while contributing to its study, seeking to develop professional and scientifically its associates. At the same time, it aims to provide activities and exchange of services between similar associations. Visit APDC on: www.apdc.pt/


“It is an association that represents and promotes the interests of defense-related industries, weapons production and new technologies, integrating a diverse range of members.” Its objectives are: the representation of its members, the promotion of the defense sector, weapons and new technologies, spreading knowledge and promoting scientific research in these areas, to support member companies in particular through the provision of technical support services. Visit DANOTEC on: www.danotec.pt/