Holos has been distinguished by “IAPMEI” with the “PME Líder 2012” award on October 1st 2012

With this award, Holos has recognition for its strategy that reinforces growth and strengthen of the company’s competitive basis that, since its creation, it has been placing in innovation and on the development of new products in the ICT (Information Technologies and Communication) area. These products have been placed with increasing success in the international market.

The “PME Líder” status is a seal for reputable companies, created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of domestic SMEs with superior performance, and is awarded in partnership with Tourism of Portugal and a set of partner Banks, based on the evaluation of the best economic ratings and financial indicators.

It must be noted that the SME Leader status is assigned under the FINCRESCE Program, which aims to give visibility and optimize the financing conditions of firms with higher risk profile and pursuing growth strategies and strengthening its competitive basis.

Founded in 1996, Holos, currently headquartered in the Centro Empresarial de Aveiro and with offices also in Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia de Almada/Setúbal, arose from a working group that was involved in the execution of several research projects funded by the European Union.

This certification constitutes an important step in continuing Holos mission, which aims to contribute to the technological development of organizations, providing innovative products and services that improve access to information, support decisions and generate knowledge.

More information about the program on IAPMEI’s site.