Founded in 1996, Holos was born in an academic environment, but soon became a leading technology provider in Europe. After two decades of working internationally and incorporating the know-how from different regions in the world, we consider knowledge the most important asset of the organizations. We use state-of-the-art technology to convert internal information to knowledge and our international networks and experiences to convert third party information into opportunities for our clients. Holos has its headquarters in “Madan Parque – Science and Technology Park of Almada” and a representation in Angola.

Holos main areas of activity are:

  • technological support and comprehensive services through consulting, software development and R&D activities,
  • empowering customer’s human resources to manage the change processes in organizations,
  • strategic consulting in the Middle East and Africa.

Holos products are tailored to the critical business areas of the client, aiming at increasing their productivity, efficiency, security and response capabilities:

  • RIFT Insurance tool
  • Trains 4.0 Life
  • Integrated Systems for Enterprise Risk Management;
  • Decision Support Information Systems, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM);
  • Google Workspace Solutions, including a set of services that include migration, change management, training and support;
  • Industrial Control Systems.

Besides that, Holos represents and commercializes solutions from international suppliers such as Google and Paypal.

Holos has received several awards and certifications, among others, two Seals of Excellence as European Commission’s recognition of exceptional technological quality.

Finally, we believe that, more than respecting, supporting human common values is an integral part of our mission.