Holos is referred in the October issue of the “Caixa de empresas” magazine, a magazine integrated in “Diário Económico”, in an issue that highlights competition and innovation as the main methods of successful that contribute to increased competitiveness in businesses. Holos is presented as “case study”, as it is focused the added value it brings to its customers through the technological developments it undertakes in order to enable them to improve access to information, knowledge management and decision making in a sustainable environment.

This positioning of the company is driven by a continuous investment in research, innovation, creativity and the dissemination of best practices and expertise, enabling it to provide advanced solutions in the area of Information and Communication Technology (TIC). “Holos provides innovative, versatile and reliable solutions, a characteristic that, in terms of supply, is a competitive advantage. The company tries to anticipate expectations and market opportunities, mapping scenarios and transferring for its products the developments made in terms of research and innovation, “adds Pedro Sousa, CEO of the company.

It’s also highlighted the importance of characteristics such as dynamism and commitment in the building of Holos’s team, which also contributes to the development of innovative solutions the company offers in the market.
It also focuses on the importance that Caixa Geral de Depósitos plays in supporting the growth strategy of Holos, providing financial products that streamline the growth process.

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