It took place on May 19th, in Auditorium Óscar Soares Barata located at ISCSP-ULisboa – Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences in Lisbon the book launch of “Gulf of Guinea’s Geopolitics – The strategic position of Angola” by the Brigadier Gilberto Veríssimo, Deputy Executive Secretary for Political Affairs of Gulf of Guinea’s Commission.

The book includes a Preface from Professor Adriano Moreira, an opening note from Professor Manuel Meirinho, the President of the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences, the introduction of PhD. Professor Heitor Romana, Coordinator of the PhD. Program for Strategic Studies from ISCSP and a tribute to the work of Lieutenant General Alípio Tomé Pinto.

The book identifies the role and the place of Angola in the Gulf of Guinea region, in the perspective of strategy. For this purpose, it uses a research model which is designated of “in depth analysis.” Applied to the geopolitical space of the Gulf of Guinea, it can be replicated to others. The model suggests an analysis at three levels. The Macro level considers the framework of sub-Saharan Africa in the international political system. The Meso level values the geopolitical and geostrategic scenario in the Gulf of Guinea. The micro-level assesses Angola strategic position in the geopolitical space of the Gulf of Guinea. The latter, builds in the concepts of “national power base”, as opposed to the concept of strategic potential which the political analysis often uses, and “strategic position” proposed by research. Alternatively, the work considers the place of Africa in the theories of International Relations, of Geopolitics and Strategy. Finally, taking the side of the current national country objectives, which the book identifies – keeping the holistic view necessary to strategic studies – are also highlighted strategic concepts and main lines to help shape the external and defence policies of Angola, in the framework of materialization of a security and peace area in the geopolitical space the Gulf of Guinea. This research also determines the limits of the geopolitical region, in the context of a geopolitical innovative framework of the African continent.

Lieutenant General Alípio Tomé Pinto, Professor Luis Amado and the editor PhD. Professor Pedro Alexandre da Costa Sousa were the main figures present in this event to which Holos is proud to have enabled.