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Keep your work teams organized by facilitating access to documents, tasks, spreadsheets, presentations and videos from a single location.

Create any type of website. Create all types of websites: corporate intranet, sites for project teams, departments, training, wikis and more. The sites can be used internally or shared with external users such as partners, customers or suppliers.

Insertion of content. It’s easy to create dynamic web pages with various content, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, web forms, slide shows and “gadgets” all in one place, from “templates” and without any knowledge of coding or html.

Find information quickly. Google’s search technology is built into Google Sites so that employees can find enterprise content using only the Google search box that is already familiar to them.

Security control at a system and sites level. The management access to sites is made by the Administration and can be shared within the organization. The authors of the documents can, in turn, give and remove permission to access the file at any time in order to maintain the security of their information.

Access your company’s webpages anytime and anywhere. Google Sites is supported by the Web, which means you can access your company’s webpages from your desk, on the road, at home or via your mobile phone.