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Increase your business visibility

Want to increase your business presence on the web? Want to track the location of your business components (tracking vehicles/objects, points of interest)? Get to know Google’s geolocation solutions – Maps and Earth – and the services provided by Holos based on these platforms that can help you to manage your business, represent your building in 3D and increase your visibility.

Google Maps is a Google service that provides an efficient geolocation technology with local business information, including business locations, contact information and directions. You can also use this technology to track your business assets (eg location of the operations team, object location, stocks location).

Google Earth is a technology that allows you to travel realistically around the world through a globe and to visualize real images combined with 3D models of lands, buildings, monuments, fountains, bridges, towers, museums, houses. This technology is available in the popular Google Earth application but also in your browser, using the Google Earth plugin.

Holos powers the exploitation of the features offered by Google for commercial use, with asset management services and modeling of buildings in 3D. It may well materialize your building in 3D on Google Earth and add other relevant information about your business you want to share with users, thus exploiting this innovative form of communication.

Increase your business visibility with Holos’s support and Google’s tools.

See an example of 3D modeling that we performed for Siemens building The Crystal.