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Fully integrated into your corporate Gmail or as a standalone application, communicate with colleagues via instant text messages, voice or video. Take advantage of Google’s network to make international calls at low-cost from your computer.

Communicate via instant messaging. Directly from your Gmail interface, you can open a window of Google Hangout instant message and talk with one or more colleagues simultaneously.

Interact by voice. If you prefer, you can improve the dialogue and talk with a colleague (possibly miles away) from your computer without additional communication costs.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Using your communication and data network with a camera installed on your computer, produce videoconferencing with colleagues, partners or clients without having to leave your computer.

Calls to the telephone network from your computer. Communicate to fixed and mobile networks at low-cost from your computer. Taking advantage of Google’s network you can make international calls at low-cost, paying the equivalent of a local telephone call in the destination country.

Multi-point Videoconferencing. Google now offers the functionality of multi-point videoconferencing for businesses with screen and documento sharing functionalities, for up to 15 different workgroups (and counting). With no need for expensive video and audio equipment or dedicated phone lines. Works from your PC, tablet or mobile with internet access.

Videoconferencing without special hardware. Using your PC, tablet or mobile phone with the embeded mic and speakers (or headsets), take advantage of your internet connection to engage in videoconferencing with multiple users.

Show presentations, videos and share screens. You can use hangouts to perform presentations with informations and videos for a set of people spread out worldwide.

Share and colaborate. To colaborate just open a notepad or a drawing program to share with your colleagues.