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Collaborate with partners and colleagues in the production of documents. Google introduces a new collaboration paradigm, where there is only one version of each document that is shared between employees, and everyone edits and collaborates on the same document simultaneously. Thus, there is no need for employees to keep exchanging documents by email and also the effort to merge all the suggestions.

Several applications. Through the “cloud”, users have access to versions of collaborative applications that include word processor, spreadsheet, drawing editor, presentations producer and form editor.

Multiple devices. Access to these applications is available from any device with Internet access, whether they are PCs, Macs, Tablets or Mobile phones. There is also the possibility of working with “offline” tools that allow editing, for example, when you are on board of an aircraft.

A single document and revisions history. All users access the same document, see what others are changing and can access the history of record changes to see what each person changed.

Secure and differentiated access. You can decide with whom you want to share the documents and which type of access each user has: editing or viewing.

No need for installation. Applications are available through the Internet and all new features are instantly available to all users without having to install updates.