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E-mail solution available in the “cloud”. 30 Gbytes of space per user. Secure access anywhere in the world with any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile). Google Search that allows you to easily and quickly find what you want.

Stop managing archives. The enterprise version of Google’s Gmail makes available 30GB of space per user. Where I kept the e-mail from… Do not worry. Although an organization through folders is available, as in traditional solutions, Gmail implements it with labels. Thus, the same e-mail can be associated with various subjects. And if you do not remember where you saved it, Google Search finds it in seconds.

Secure access. All communication with Google’s email servers is carried out applying a cipher. No one has access to your emails. And to be safer, Google offers two levels of authentication (the second level is a generated code on your mobile phone and can only be used once and within 60 seconds). Therefore, if you’re travelling you do not need to worry about VPNs or changes in your company’s “firewall”.

Secure e-mail. Google Apps includes Google Message Security that guarantees the elimination of virus and spam, while assuring control over your company’s policies, applied to e-mails that enter and leave your organization.

Available on all devices. Preferential access to Gmail is made through a browser, which guarantees access from any device with Internet access (PCs, Tablets, Mobile). Additionally, it integrates natively with Android and has specific solutions available for most mobile phones.