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Built on the G Suite platform, this solution allows you to retain, archive and export your organization email, addressing message recovery requests for accidentally deleted messages or electronic legal research needs (eDiscovery) and compliance audits.

A single archive for e-mail and chat where information is stored centrally and where data is managed on site, ie not copied and transferred to another system. Management policies are applied directly to the data store, eliminating the need to duplicate data in a separate file, which helps to reduce risks.

Retention policies for email and “on-the-record” chat conversations that allow companies to define differentiated retention rules. Once at the end of the retention period of the message, its elimination is automatic. The automated process ensures that any data that is subject to a legal hold is not eliminated and reduces the risk of theft and breach of court orders. The retention of this type of content can also be preserved beyond its default retention period for a legal matter or investigation (as a complaint of sexual harassment, for example).

Administration tools allow companies to define, control and administer policies and information management through simple and intuitive interfaces.

EDiscovery tools allow authorized users to search relevant data. The Google search algorithms can search across the entire domain through large amounts of e-mail in storage and return results quickly and efficiently. From the search results, authorized users can define and manage the collection of messages and collaborate with others about them. The email can be exported from the archive for further analysis and processing.