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Holos is since June 2006, a Google Cloud Partner company, qualified to provide enterprise solutions powered by Google.

Google Enterprise Solutions leverage the technological knowledge that Google acquired in the production and availability of free solutions (available to the public via the Web), adapting them to the business environment. This is reflected in increased security, guaranteed availability and support.

Enterprise solutions are comprehensive and focus on the following areas:

G Suite

It’s more than a gmail business solution (with 30 GB of space per user), combines working tools (spreadsheets, text documents editor, presentations, drawing tools), allowing all authorized users to make changes on documents simultaneously, with collaborative applications (instant messaging, voice and video communication). Reduces costs without compromising the security of your information.

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G Suite Business

In addition to the G Suite offering, G Suite Business also offers unlimited storage space, Google Vault for e-Discovery and other advanced features.

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Geolocated Solutions

Based on the professional versions of Google Maps and Google Earth are fitted to be integrated into your company’s services. Suitable for following devices and take advantage of driving directions;

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CloudPages gives your Google Apps users the resources they require to work more effectively from day one. Your users will gain immediate access to Google Docs, email groups, corporate contact information and secure access to other cloud services. Your organisation gains control of your Google Apps environment with strong password policies, enforced signature branding and deletion policy.

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Spanning Backup for Google Apps

The most trusted SaaS application data backup and recovery solution on the market today. With enterprise-grade, robust backup and recovery capabilities, it protects all of your organization’s G Suite data.

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