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Holos is since June 2006, a Google Enterprise Partner company, qualified to provide enterprise solutions powered by Google.

Google Enterprise Solutions leverage the technological knowledge that Google acquired in the production and availability of free solutions (available to the public via the Web), adapting them to the business environment. This is reflected in increased security, guaranteed availability and support.

Enterprise solutions are comprehensive and focus on the following areas:

Google Chromebooks and Licences

The new Chrome (Chromebook and Chromebox) are fast to use, they boot in seconds. They have integrated security, and are protected against viruses and malware. Backup all your information in the cloud. Come with thousands of applications. With automatic updates, they don’t slow down over time and keep getting better;

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A new type of computerschromebook_chromebox

Chrome devices (Chromebook and Chromebox) are a new type of computers, the only ones in the world fully prepared to work “in the cloud”.

The new Chrome devices are…

  • Faster – It takes only 8 seconds to switch on and a lot less to switch off!;
  • Safer – Automatic backup to the cloud and virus-free;
  • More versatile – Versáteis – All local information is encrypted and compartmentalized so you can share the equipment;
  • More complete – Includes text editor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, image editor, communications software, multi-point conferencing and a myriad of other applications.

Besides all that, it has automatic updates and has no software versions to maintain. The devices include a perpetual administration software license (which guarantees centralized management of the company’s equipments).

These devices are sold directly by Holos, to find out more please fill out the contact form.