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Georeferencing is the use of appropriate technology to represent a map, buildings, vehicles or people, using pixel and block coordinates. Holos solutions in this particular are based on the market leader in this segment: Google.

Georeference is a set of services that uses Google Maps technology to represent in a map: buildings, vehicles, and people; by turning to pixel and block coordinates.

The great challenge of Georeference is to improve the physical access to facilities (that we look for) and/ or information (that we need). In the case of vehicles, the coordinates are obtained in real-time, with the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). In the case of interest points that remain still it provides geocodification gateway.

These services are very useful in several sectors, namely:

  1. Improves the control and management of commercial fleets;
  2. Sends warnings, via SMS or E-mail, in situations of deadline failure or exclusion / containment areas;
  3. Stores objects mobility information in a database system, providing this and other data to monitoring applications or data exploration;

Geoferenced information is developed according to the interfaces and consequently business operations that can be implemented on these platforms. Thereby allows integration with other services that incorporate HOLOS’ solutions, namely reports production and warning forward via E-mail or SMS (e.g. When a vehicle drives away from the predefined course, or arrives after a long delay at a key point).

HOLOS provides services in different areas which includes solutions such as «turnkey», as well as provides the necessary equipment to obtain GPS coordinates to servers and data exploration software which allows information display in Google Maps /Google Earth technology. Furthermore, provides integrated solutions that incorporate GPS reading devices adaptable to each case, developing solutions that enable communication with the GPS reading device on the market.