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G Suite Business is a suite of versatile and affordable applications with no maintenance costs.

Especially suited for companies that wish to provide email service, communication and applications (spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc.) without running out their budgets of Information Technology in costly maintenance and support services.


Mailbox with 30GB/per user and Google Search Engine.

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Personal, group, shared, with resources management.

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Communication via instant messaging, voice, video and telephone. Video conferencing up to 25 users using your PC / Tablet / Mobile without additional hardware.

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Word processor, spreadsheet, drawing and presentation collaborative tools. Don’t send versions of your documents, collaborate. Everyone has the same (latest) version. Unlimited space, in the cloud, in any device.

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No need to learn complicated things such as HTML, with this tool any user can create sites and share them.

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Anti-virus, anti-spam and content management. With Vault control what goes in and out of your organization.

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Additional services provided by Holos

Data migration

Transfer your e-mails, contacts and calendars from your current server so that you can continue to operate without interruptions.

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Train your IT support team so they can easily answer your users questions. Differentiated training plans according to needs.

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Change Management

Prepare to change. According to the size of your organization, we help you to prepare for change, setting up plans for change, identifying training needs, preparing the change, one department at the time.

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