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By definition, it is considered a Decision Support System any computer system that supports the decision-making activities in a company. They should then be interactive systems that can easily integrate the different information sources that influence the decision-making process, from unstructured data to documents (scanned or paper), through videos, combining them according to personal knowledge and business models in order to enable them to mitigate business risk.

This is the approach that Holos adopts in respect of the Decision Support Systems that the company implements. Translating in the creation of products which, when loaded with some cross-business rules and being, in that sense, “ready to use” solutions, may be appropriate to the specifics of each deal, meeting the specific needs of each company that are not easily satisfied by most products on the market.

In this sense, Holos strong background in developing complete lifecycle information systems, from needs assessment to support, through training, and constant innovation enable the production of quite adaptable solutions and therefore guaranteed to be suitable to you. Using client-server architectures or web-based technology, the systems developed by Holos support the daily needs of customers, thereby increasing the flexibility and competitiveness of customers.

Featuring an integrated offer that includes the planning of the technical infrastructure, hardware, software development, maintenance and support, Holos solutions have played a key role in the process of optimization, efficiency, establishing new channels of communications and commerce of its customers.