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Holos will support your management team to expand their skills in the areas of:

  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
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Take advantage of Holos’ expertise and resources in order to improve your company’s managerial skills, empowering professionals that will stand out from the crowd. Holos has almost 20 years of experience in company management in different economical, political, geographic  and even cultural contexts. Training will be supported by the usage of a software application, to simulate an authentic business management environment.

Engage and internally train people in a deeper, richer “hands-on” learning experience and develop lasting business, enterprise and entrepreneurial talent, using both Holos’ knowledge and a strategy game.


If you are either an education or commercial institution, public, private or voluntary, the software lets you run a virtual company and learn about entrepreneurship and business in an authentic, engaging and sustainable way.

People as young as 14 learn will learn business fundamentals and budding entrepreneurs discover how to manage and grow a successful company. In the workplace, these methodology will work as a powerful training and coaching resource.

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Further information on Holos’ selected simulation software can be found here.


Underpinned by years of research & development and designed by experienced entrepreneurs, SimVenture is about creating and running a small business. The business simulation is rooted in the following key principles:

  • Engagement; 
  • Authenticity; 
  • Sustainability; 
  • Flexible Support for Trainers/Teachers.

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These principles allow for accelerated learning and support the development of core skills that help make people more employable.

Working in simulated monthly cycles users make decisions in all areas of business and receive feedback to see the consequences of their actions. Within the four key business areas (Organisation, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Operations) any number of decisions can be made each month.

The challenge is to generate enquiries, sales and orders and build a successful company while supporting a healthy work environment with the best human resources.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this tool works on best practice principles. People who research markets, competitors and customers and then take appropriate action always perform better than those who rely on guesswork. The virtual company allows people to run their business for a maximum of 36 months.

It is a highly versatile tool used widely in a range of learning environments. The resource allows people to discover for themselves (by making decisions and dealing with consequences) how to create and run a business without fear of real financial failure.

Ideal for individual and group work, it allows people to develop critical team-working skills whilst making decisions about running their virtual business. Since the business game includes ready-made scenarios and a save and load functions, it can be used to run ‘active’ case studies where people face up to the consequences of the business decisions they make.

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With minimal preparation time, Holos’ Business Strategy tool provides the perfect competition platform. Whether it’s 10 or 100s of people, the software quickly focuses people on the task in hand. Since the software automatically stores decisions and actions taken within the simulation, students can present their work for assessment, focusing on facts rather than just hypothetical thinking.

Contact us for information requests and quotations or download a free Simventure demo version.*

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* Download a free demo copy of the Windows based software by simply clicking the “Free Trial Download” button and following the on-screen instructions. The demo version of the simulation is much like the full software and incorporates all aspects of setting up and running a SimVenture business with a restricted timescale of 6 simulated months. Other restricted functions such as saving and loading games or scenarios can be accessed once the full version is purchased.
The following minimum specification is recommended to run SimVenture: 1 Ghz Pentium equivalent or better, 500Mb disk space, 1Gb RAM, 1024×768 screen (internet connection to download), sound (although it can be used without sound), Microsoft Windows 2000, XP service pack 2, Vista, Windows 7 or 8