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Angolan Public Procurement Law

Training on key aspects of the Angolan Public Procurement Law and its application, with presentation of case studies

Published on September 7th, 2010, the Public Procurement Law aims to, in the light of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, “tailor the procurement system to the new constitutional reality and standardize the legal discipline applicable to public works contracts and procurement of goods and services by public entities. “

This law has as main objectives to enhance the use of public resources and is a contribution to the modernization of the Angolan Public Administration. The new scheme ensures that the procurement complies with the principles of economic competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, stimulating, on the other hand, the participation of contractors, suppliers and service providers, especially Angolans.

On the other hand, promotes human, financial and technical capacity of contractors by simplifying public procurement procedures and providing them with adequate resources (especially in terms of new technologies) for hiring contracts and for the acquisition of goods and services, in a equitable manner and ensuring compliance with the principles of equality, competition, fairness, transparency and probity in the framework of public procurement procedures.


  • CFOs, Jurists, Lawyers, General Managers, Procurement & Supply Chain Directors, Commercial Managers and other professionals interested in keeping up to date in this area.

It is intended that students know

  • The legal framework for public procurement processes;
  • The types of public procurement procedures;
  • Processes, and know how to prepare, present, analyze and evaluate proposals;
  • Procurement procedures;
  • The administrative appeals.


  • Scope of the Law on public procurement (Law No. 20/10 of 07 September);
  • Type of Procedures;
  • Selection of the type of procedures;
  • How the Procedure arose;
  • The adjudicative process, contracting and assignment;
  • The Case for Impeachment;
  • Practical cases.

Total Course Duration:16 hours