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Training on Negotiation

“In business one does not get what they deserve or what they think have the right to, but only what it is negotiated» Chester L. Karrass, eminent U.S. negotiator

Negotiation first aim is to enable the operation of the companies in its terms of trade by ensuring that the goods produced have utility and meet the basic needs of all.

This course aims to develop global capabilities, allowing those who attend it to be more prepared to deal with customers, suppliers, shareholders, competitors, partners, and the entire civil society.

It should be seen more as a management tool to facilitate the decision-making and consensus-building from diversity.


  • Public Administrators, Enterprise Administrators, Lawyers, Procurement & Supply Chain Directors, Commercial Managers and other professionals interested in keeping up to date in this area.

At the end of the course you should:

  • Know what “negotiation” is and recognize the process as something both rational and emotional;
  • Conduct an ethical negotiation beneficial to all parties involved;
  • Recognize trends associated with good business practices;
  • Clarify myths about “negotiation”;
  • Identify different types and alternative ways of negotiating, recognizing their advantages and disadvantages;
  • Know how to prepare a negotiation;
  • Calculate the bargaining power of the speaker, by calculating their BATNA (Best Alternative For a Negotiated Agreement);
  • Recognize the impact of approaches to business relationship in the medium and long term.


  • The importance of negotiation;
  • The Power;
  • Concept, Planning, steps and achievable results in a negotiation;
  • Negotiating tactics;
  • Negotiating modalities;
  • Stages of the negotiation;
  • Conflict resolution after the negotiation process;

Total Course Duration: 8 hours